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Matcha Green Tea Powder

Unlike other green tea that you steep and brew, matcha is whole stone-ground powder of green tea leaves. Three weeks before harvest, japanese farmers choose the highest-quality green tea plants and shade them for slower growth. The limited access to sunlight boosts the chlorophyll, giving it its intense green color.

It’s also the process that causes more L-theanine to grow, a unique amino acid that relaxes the mind without feeling sleepy. It provides your matcha tea with a mellow and fruity taste. The combination of caffeine, l-theanine, and antioxidants causes an extended release of energy, what some refer to as ‘zenergy’.

Pure & Organic

After the baby leaves are harvested, their stems are removed and the leaves are steamed and dried. This results in ‘tencha tea’, the raw product name of matcha. The dried tencha tea leaves are slowly stone-ground, to become pure powdered matcha green tea. In this way all the good aspects of the tea are preserved from plant to tea cup!

Rather than steeping a tea bag with traditional tea, the beauty of matcha lies in consuming the whole leaf. That’s why it’s important that what you drink isn’t packed with harmful pesticides.All our processes: from growing, to harvesting and processing our Whisk Matcha is therefore done in a completely organic way.

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