Ceremonial Matcha from Japan

Harvested in Japan, delivered to your doorstep

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What is matcha?
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The benefits

Packed with nutrients

The number of nutrients in 1 cup of matcha corresponds to no less than 10 cups of ‘regularly brewed’ green tea.

Energy booster

Matcha gives an energy boost that is slowly released, so your blood sugar level does not fluctuate as it does with coffee.

Stimulates focus & calmness

Matcha contains L-theanine. This substance is known to reduce stress and anxiety and soothes your heartbeat. It will help you focus on important tasks much easier.

100% organic

Our matcha is 100% organic certified and originates straight from an organic farm. Good for our planet & your body!

Our Matcha Terroir

Whisk Matcha:
Organic green tea powder

Whisk Matcha comes to life on an organic family tea farm in southern Japan. The mountainous area of Kagoshima is a volcanic tropical paradise that could easily become known as the ‘Hawaii of Japan.’ Traditional, tropical, mystical, magical: our organic grown matcha is nothing short of extraordinary.

Purveyors of extraordinary matcha green tea in Europe


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